Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feeling Froggy

A quick note on the new look- in honor of Spring, St.Patrick's day, and my favorite slimy critters, we are now FROGALICIOUS!!!  The picture is one I took a few years ago, and love lots.  Look at the little guy closely- he's obviously posing for the camera!

If people only knew...

All joking aside- I have awesome kids.  In fact, if people knew how awesome, they'd be camping out in the bushes trying to kidnap them and clone them.

I love my little demons, and I love how they see life, and react to the things around them.  Like the Gollum currently coaxing our overweight cat into exercising by dragging my crochet yarn across the house.  He's so thrilled to have a cat again, he cleans the litter box without complaining.  Doctor Doom and the Daredevil are off bouncing around the new neighborhood, after they cleaned up the yard trash and took it to the curb.  Tomorrow we'll bake bread- because they love it, and after learning how to make it for themselves last week, they're hooked.

And just to brag a bit here- report cards and letters of recommendations came home yesterday- all good.  Doctor Doom got invited to participate in a special science seminar, along with the rest of his robotics club.  Gollum pulled Honor Roll again.  Daredevil has started dragging his grades back up to gold star standard after a rough few rounds.

But what I really love about my guys is that they LOVE.  They love the cats.  They love their new brother like a fat kid loves cake.  They love our house, our yard, the food on the table, the new family we are meeting more of all the time.  They snuggle and hug and cuddle (even my teenager!!) and they LOVE everything and everyone. 

They really are great kids.  They have their moments (and some of them are doozies), but overall, they are incredible human beings.  So the Daredevil takes four showers a day and is obsessed with Halo Legos.  Doctor Doom spouts random trivia off like lava from an angry volcano.  And Gollum occasionally pouts so hard pigeons use his lower lip as a perch.  None of that takes away from the fact that they are superheroes in my eyes.