Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We survived!

Well, it took forever to update, but we did survive Spring Break.  It was a great week with Monkey, Daredevil, Gollum, Doctor Doom and my stepson, who for now we'll call Sonic.  Much fun was had, new foods were tried, and it was all in all, a success.

On other fronts- things are progressing rapidly.  The baby is now REALLY crawling, chattering up a storm, and starting to try to sit up and do that funy spider-walking thing that they do.  Hubby is working 4-10s, so he gets Friday off- which I love.  We actually get to spend some time together without a mass of children overwhelming us.

And we finally got approved for SNAP.  It's something I wish we didn't need, but the fact is, even if I went back to work today, I couldn't make enough to pay for child care and buy the amount of groceries we need every week with active, growing boys and a husband inn a hard, physical labor position.  We actually were supposed to be approved back in February, and we've been scraping by on 100/month for groceries, my WIC benefits and a commodity box a week.  We never went hungry, but we had some lean, navy-beans-in-the-pot weeks, and lots of dinners where second helpings were nonexistent.

It was a huge weight off of my shoulders to be able to go grocery shopping and actually stock up, and know that there's no chance of being unable to feed my family a big, healthy meal that they can have as much as they want of.  It doesn't mean we shop stupid, but little things like being able to stock up on store-brand Gatorade for the husband to take to work, and veggies and fruit for snacks- that kind of thing makes me feel safer.  Knowing that the bills are paid mostly on time, and the kids are fed- priceless.

And as a mini celebration, we're having smothered chicken, baked sweet potatoes and steamed veggies for dinner.  This makes me a very, very happy Mommy.