Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dandelion Seeds

It's been a little bit crazy around here.  Chaotic, really.  Monkey, at 3 months and change, discovered he could roll over and scoot himself arounnd the floor all by himself.  While screaming at the top of his lungs because he isn't allowed to crawl into the shelves of the coffeetable or eat the paper out of the printer.

Bless his heart.

He also has added two words to his vocabulary- he now says "hi," "good," "Daddy," (loudly, insistently, and with accompanying bounces and lurching trying to reach "Daddy") and his newest is "keeeeeeeee!" every time the kitty comes within reach.  That poor cat has had so much slobber and tail-chewing... he probably thinks he lives with an oddly-shaped mastiff puppy.

But hands-down, the most adorable thing Monkey has learned to do is repopulate the dandelions in my yard.  During one of our tours of the yard ("See this, Monkey?  This is yellow.  A yellow dandelion.  And this is a purple violet.  Pur- NO MONKEY!!  Nonono, do not eat the BROWN EARTHWORM!"), the Monkey discovered that when Mommy picks a soft, fluffy ball of spent dandelions- he can smash them.  Which he does, with great delight, and then crows triumphantly as the fluffy little seeds float away from his hands.  He loves the blasted things.  And now my yard is full of weeds.

Bless his little heart.

In other news- Daredevil once again tried to kill himself with a bike trick last weekend- right after Gollum had yet another close encounter with a car- which left him with assorted bumps, bruises and abrasions in a *ahem* sensitive area.  And Dr. Doom is driving us ALL insane with Weird Al Yankovic earworms.  The fiance has threatende to strangle him with an accordion if he sings "Rye or the Kaiser" one. more. time.

Next week is Spring Break- which means five boys and me, in one very small space.  If we survive it, I'll update you with the madness and mayhem.