Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Babies are easier

So I mentioned in a previous post that the BF has a man-cold. 

What I failed to mention was that he has had some version of this man-cold for better than a month.  Do you remember walking the floor with a colicky infant at 2am?  That was easy.  Exhausting, and somewhat aggravating when a particularly ear-splitting scream was let loose right next to your aching head, but easy.  At least when you compare it to the sniffling, sneezing, snoring, talking and whining in the sleep, thrashing night-time so-you-can't-rest joys of a man-cold.

After a few weeks of nagging begging, I finally insisted that the BF go to the doctor. Guess what? If you ignore a man-cold for long enough while working with fiberglass insulation,you will end up with a RAGING sinus infection.  Requiring not one, but FIVE medications.  One antibiotic, two corticosteroids, one cough syrup for night-time use and an antihistamine.  All of which have to be dosed out and bullied into the BF by yours truly.  Yes, I am using cookies as bribes.

Compared to this lovely cocktail, we have the Daredevil.  His recent forays into the land of skateboards have had some interesting results- namely a spectacular road rash that covers his left side from shoulder to hip.  I'm not even sure how he got it, but when he stumbled in covered in blood and dirt, my heart almost stopped.

"What happened?"
"I think I got goofy-footed."
Now, I know what goofy-footed means, but I'm not sure what being left-handed has to do with anything.  Instead, I focused on damage control.
"Is anything broken?"
"Nope, I just came in to get a towel."
With that, my bleeding, dirty child grabbed a towel and walked out.  Dumbfounded, I followed him out and watched as he proceeded to hose himself down with the hose, mop off the dirt, water and blood with the towel, and hop back on his skateboard to zoom away.

Oh, my babies.  You are so much easier before you grow up into men...

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