Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mommy!!

I have another of those awful confessions- I hate Important Days.  Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc... go away.  Invariably, I wake up on an Important Day and immediately want to go back to bed.  I'm not full of good cheer and joy- I'm a cranky old bitch who wants to hide under the bed with your grandmother's incontinent cat.  I like Halloween, but that has more to do with my love all all things creepy and campy than any enjoyment of the party and carnival atmosphere.  This includes my own birthday.  If I could find a way to skip that day on the calendar, I would.  Wishing me a Happy anything is possibly grounds for divorce or murder.  Buying me gifts.. please don't.  I dislike presents.

The only exceptions to those rules would be the Demons.  Bless them.  They bought me a really silly card (with a cat on it!) and a charger for my iPod that would hook into my computer.

The only problem- I don't own an iPod.  I never have.  I have a small little MP3/Flash player called a Spark, and nothing about it is compatible with an iPod.  I adore it- it's about the size of a postage stamp and has basic controls that even I can figure out.  It also has no charger at the moment, but I'll sort it out.  Because my Demons thoughtfully included the receipt, so I can exchange the iPod accessory for the one I need.

So... "A" for effort, Demons.

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