Saturday, October 8, 2011

PSA for everyone: Making Your Bed

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, ever since we (finally) got a bedframe and got the bed up off the floor. 

Nothing compares to a good bed. 

I don't mean a top of the line mattress or a fancy headboard.  I mean a bed that is a retreat from everything else in the world, a comfortable, safe, warm place to curl up in.  I can't remember where I heard/read/saw this, but I remember absorbing the information that people who take the time to make their bed (and room) a sanctuary report feeling more productive, sleeping better (even on fewer hours of sleep) and having less stress.  As a Mommy who works all the time, I value all those things.

The BF and I recently splurged on really nice sheets, pillows, and a new comforter set.  Between that and not killing myself trying to clamber up and down 20million times a night from the floor, I am amazed at how much better and more rested we both feel, and how different our day-to-day life is.  For instance- now I make the bed.

I love making the bed.  The ritual of shaking out the sheets, smoothing them into place, fluffing the pillows and comforter and turning everything back makes me smile.  Seeing my bed made up with the throw pillows in place and the covers smooth makes me feel accomplished.  And it keeps the sand and grit from the hardwood floors OFF my sheets- amazing. 

My bed is the place everyone congregates.  The kids come in to snuggle or watch TV with me, the BF and I do our homework curled up on the bed with our laptops.  Friends come in and plop down cross-legged to talk, and if we had a cat, he'd be curled up right in the center.  It's a safe place- it's impossible to argue or fuss when you're snuggled into fluffiness.  And sliding into bed after a long day at work on good, smooth, soft sheets is a luxury that can't be denied.

No one should go without good sheets.  I don't care if you've slept on sandpaper over a bed of nails for your whole life- you deserve great sheets.  The higher the thread count the better, and cotton is never wrong.  You can keep the silk and flannel and fleece and satin- my money is always on plain old cotton, that just gets softer in the wash.  They're not expensive, overall- a trip to TJ Maxx or some place similar will net you a really nice set of 3-400 thread count sheets for between 20-30 bucks.  And they are worth it.  So are good pillows, and a nice comforter.  And the best investment in the world for a Mommy (or anyone else) is a waterproof mattress pad with a quilted top.  Junior spills his water on your bed?  No problem- strip it down, toss it in the wash and dry it, and you don't have to sleep in a wet spot for so much as an hour.  (It works on vomit and pee too- and we all know how often that happens with kids.)

Mommies- you deserve nice things too.  Buy yourself some nice sheets.  Tell Hubby to bring you home the comforter set you want (ours was another TJMaxx find- $70 for comforter, shams, dust ruffle and three toss pillows- and it's reversible, machine washable cotton in a really great pattern) for your birthday.  Take a moment each day to make your bed- and trust me when I say that at the end of the day, when you come back to it after the screaming, crying, schlepping, lifting and hauling that is daily life with kids, families and careers- you will thank yourself.  Because there in your room is a clean, clear island of peace that says "Hi there!  Come snuggle."

Everyone needs the snuggles.  Go get them. :)

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