Friday, September 9, 2011

Aldi's, Baby Depot and Piggy Banks

So, since I am a Bad Mommy, I overextended myself and bought a car.  A used (not so gently) 2001 Kia Sportage SUV.  It's GOLD.  Like money.  Which is what it eats, apparently.  In an effort to keep it full of gas/oil/non-dry-rotted tires/battery (Like I said, not so gently used) I have been picking up various other waitresses and taking them to work, or taking them home after work.  They give me gas money, and we all arrive happy and on time.  (Mostly.  I usually end up being about an hour early.)

Well, yesterday, I forgot that I wasn't picking up the Pocket-Sized Pixie waitress, and left for my work shift two hours early.  Which gave me the perfect oppurtunity to do something I have been avoiding for the past six months- I went to the Baby Depot. 

Predictably, I hated 90% of what was there.  And I was confused by half of it (do people really use ergonomic baby bathtubs?  I just plunk mine in the sink, or into the shower with me).  However, then I found the glider rockers. I should probably explain something about me and gliders- I love gliders.  Swings, rockers, whatever.  They remind me of my great-grandfather's kitchen porch, and him gently gliding us back and forth as his huge hands played with my tiny ones over a brightly colored toy toaster.  So I sat down in a particularly squishy glider, with a complimentary copy of Baby Talk- and promptly fell asleep.  For at least 20 minutes.

The concerned saleslady who woke me up asked me if I was waiting on someone.  Embarrassed, I wiped drool off my cheek and rather sheepishly admitted that I might just be hiding from my house full of males.  I'm not sure who was more humiliated- me for drooling all over myself in a public venue, or the poor lady who then felt obligated to show me around the displays of cribs and strollers.  I think we were both relieved when I managed to escape.

Because honestly, I might be able to afford a crib when the Alienbaby is about 6 months old.  *shakes the piggy bank and listens to the lone "rainy day" penny rattle*  If I have a pile of money fall out of the sky, I might be able to buy a nice (although not so nice as the glider that sucked me in like a wormhole) rocker for nursing said Alienbaby.  The BF has been out of work for three weeks or so now, and even with picking up extra shifts and side jobs, Bad Mommy's financial status is somewhat short of "rolling in it."

Which brings me to Aldi's.  Not sure how many people have an Aldi's near them, but I like Aldi's, especially when I'm broker than broke.

I spent $44.40 and got:

10lbs of chicken leg quarters (awesome for grilling, stewing or baking)
10lbs of russet potatoes
Fresh carrots (1lb bag)
Fresh celery (1lb bag)
3lbs of apples
3lbs of bananas (possibly more, they were pre-bagged and HEAVY)
Giant flat of beef ramen for the demons to gnosh
2 big boxes of stuffing mix
2 big boxes of mashed potato flakes
bread (oat bran and honey- delicious)
2lbs of cheese
a dozen cans of veggies (different types)
2 gorgeous huge potted mums, crimson and gold, about to bloom. Shouldn't have bought them, but I caught their spicy scent as I was headed towards the produce, and it made me feel- happy. So I spent the four bucks and bought them, because when I sit on the porch and smell them, I feel better. Feeling better is a priority for me right now.

That will get us through a week. I almost bought a giant bag of stir fry-style veggies for 3.99 (2+lbs) but opted to get fresh stuff instead. Aldi's almost always has really nice veggies and fruit really reasonable- they had BIG watermelons for 2.99 and pineapples for 1.50. I stayed away from the junk food, even though the Nutty Buddies were begging me to eat them. After paying my car payment, insurance, putting half a tank of gas in my car, giving BF gas money to go to his odd job, and buying groceries I have ten dollars to my name. But that's better than no money to my name, yes?

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