Thursday, September 22, 2011


So, I promised to tell you something about Gollum, the youngest of my demons.

Gollum is 8, going on 21.  No, I mean that- don't leave any alcoholic beverages within his reach- he'll taste them.  And if he likes the taste, he may well bogart it.  Luckily, no one in my household drinks much, and we don't keep it in the house unless we're expecting company.

Gollum is on a possessive kick.  Instead of a ring to rule them all, his obsession is- Mommy.  I am now "his" mommy- no one else's.  The Alienbaby is "his" baby brother, and no one else (including the Alienbaby's own father) is allowed to have an opinion on the topic.  And he does mean no one- he'll push the other boys, the BF, or the dog out of my vicinity.  It's rather like having a pit bull with separation anxiety.  Of course, there's a reason for this, but having to reinforce kindergarten skills at this stage of the game is becoming tedious.

You see, we have massive changes coming.  In addition to the Alienbaby's upcoming arrival, Mommy and the BF are looking at moving out of the house we currently share with my ex-husband.  (Long story- suffice it to say that being best friends with your ex is awesome, but sometimes takes strange twists.)  This has thrown all of the demons for a loop, as they like the current status quo of having Mom, Dad, and a goofy adult male to try and run their games around.  More than the other two, Gollum is a bit panicked- because it's been decided that when we move into our new place, he is coming with us while Dr. Doom and Daredevil stay with Dad, and switch off weekly. 

We didn't come to this decision easily.  The Demons function pretty much as a unit, with Dr. Doom plotting, Daredevil executing, and Gollum running interference.  However, Gollum has become increasingly hostile and abusive towards his brothers in the last few months.  While Dr. Doom is always touted as the brilliant one, and Daredevil is firmly in the lead in athletics, Gollum is hitting his colt's years.  He is tall and thin for his age, with over-sized feet and hands that are too clumsy for his body.  As a result he has gotten pushed off to the side by his more accomplished siblings a LOT lately, and the resentment is eating him alive.  It makes him less than pleasant to live with.

So I have my own personal Gollum.  It's not all bad- he is very loving and affectionate and kind when he wants to be.  He's also devastatingly funny, in a dry, sarcastic way.  Now the trick is to get him to apply that loving kindness to everyone in the family, not just Mommy and the Alienbaby.

Any ideas?

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